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Quiet Cool

QuietCool How Does It Work

1. Draw fresh outside-air into the house through selected open windows

 2. Circulate the new fresh air throughout the house

3. Draw the circulated air into the attic and out the attic vents


Here’s What You Need to Know to Enjoy Maximum Benefits!



How Big of a System Do I Need?

You need to understand one basic equation:  You need a system that circulates a minimum of 2 Cubic Feet of Air per Minute per 1 Square Foot of Living Space.

The ratio looks like this:  2 CFM:1 Sq.Ft.


Is there a “Good,” “Better,” or “Best” system?


A 2:1 CFM:Square Foot is “Good.” 

A 2.5:1 CFM:Square Foot is “Better

A 3:1 CFM:Square Foot is “Best.” 

This “range” allows for the 15-22 full house air exchanges per hour that allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the QuietCool system.

For example, if you have a 2000 square foot home, you need a system that draws between 4000 to 6000 CFM to obtain the desired results from a whole house fan system.


Does ceiling height matter?

Yes. If the ceilings are higher than 9 feet, increase your CFM:Sq.Ft. ratio above 2:1.


Does it matter if I sleep with my bedroom doors closed at night?

Yes. If you want to enjoy zoned, individual bedroom ventilation, and you sleep with your bedroom doors closed, you will need to install individual bedroom units. Also, if you want to save even more money, don't ventilate the entire house while everybody's sleeping.  Ventilate only the rooms you sleep in at night with zoned units.


Will one fan do the job or do I need multiple fans? 

The answer depends on how you answer the above questions.  Say you have a 2-story, 2000 square foot home and you like to sleep with your bedroom doors open.  A "good" system requires a QuietCool system that draws a minimum 4000 CFM (2:1), a "better" system requires 5000 CFM (2.5:1) and the "best" system will draw 6000 CFM (3:1).

A "good" system would be a QuietCool 4500 CFM unit installed in a central location at the top of the stairs and sleeping with the bedroom doors open.

A "better" system would include a combination of fans. For example, you could have a QuietCool 3200 CFM unit located at the top of the stairs and a separate QuietCool 1500 CFM unit installed in your master bedroom. The total combined CFM is 4700 CFM, but with two fans instead of one, you have the option of zoning your household ventilation.

A "best" system could include the two fans in the "better" system noted above, plus an attic gable fan and/or a garage fan to help ventilate those spaces as well.

Together, an attic fan and garage fan maximize the whole house ventilation benefits and dramatically reduce A/C usage and bills.


Features and benefits


  • - Feature: Cools whole house by up to 30 degrees and attic by up to 50 degrees 
  • - Benefit: Cuts A/C costs by 50 - 90%* and reduces A/C wear & tear

  • - Feature: Exchanges whole house air volume 15-20 times per hour
  • - Benefit: Breathe fresh air continually; Control mold & mildew; Reduce Airborne sickness

  • - Feature: Exhausts cooking, pet and other odors
  • - Benefit: Enjoy an odor free environment

  • - Feature: Whisper quiet operation 
  • - Benefit: Sleep, talk, or watch TV without noise disruption

  • - Feature: Customize a system for any size home 
  • - Benefit: Control your investment costs

  • - Feature: Most energy efficient whole house fan systems on the market
  • - Benefit: Recapture your investment quicker than any other "green energy" product on the market

  • - Feature: 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty**
  • - Benefit: Peace of mind for a decade!

  • - Feature: Self Contained system in a box
  • - Benefit: Easy do-it-yourself installation or 1-hour professional installation***

  • - Feature: No structural incursion 
  • - Benefit: No permits required

*Depends on Location & Climate. Many QuietCool customers report near 100% reduction in A/C usage.

**All QuietCool Fans carry a 10 year warranty except for the QC-HV1000 which carries a 3 year warranty.

*** Qualified QuietCool dealer/installes average 1 hour per fan installation. Do-it-yourself and non-qualified QuietCool installers may take longer to install.

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