Toto Toilets

When i first discovered Toto Toilets I was completely in awe.  I had never seen a toilet that could use as little water as 0.9 gallons per flush yet flush so powerfully and cleanly. Toilets by Toto come in so many varieties that is literally impossible to find one that does not fit your budget or style concerns. Lets dive a little deeper into the magic.

Toto Drake IIFirst off, you must choose if you want to buy a One Piece Toto Toilet or a Two Piece Toto Toilet. The key difference is that in a one piece toilet, the tank and bowl are fused, where as in a two piece toilet the tank and bowl are separate. One Piece toilets are great because there are no crevices to clean between the tank and the bowl. Also the installation is MUCH easier. A counterpoint is that two piece toilets are easier to ship, as they do not require freight shipping, and as a result are cheaper to ship.

Toto Eco PromenadeLets talk about style now. Toto Toilets come in the three main design categories: Traditional (a more victorian and classic look), Contemporary (modern styling, smoother lines), or Transitional (the best of both worlds). A great example of a Traditional Style

Toto Aquia

Toto Toilet is the Toto Eco Promenade CST424EFG#01 two piece toilet. A wonderful contemporary or modern style toilet is the Toto Aquia Toilet.The Aquia is a dual flush wonder of modern engineering. Lastly a timeless classic in the Transitional Style Toilet category is the Toto Drake II toilet.

Toto has many Flushing Systems (we have written about them in this very blog). Toto Toilets  are renowned by all for their flushing technology. Specially designed fully glazed traps allow the toilet to use an eco friendly 1.28GPF and REALLY GET THE JOB DONE. Now I stress that point because “Eco Friendly” toilets have caught a bad stigma, shying people away from them and also injuring their pockets in the process. When you buy a toilet that is WaterSense certified you may qualify for local municipal tax credits that help offset the cost of installation or give you credits on your water bill. Contact your local municipality to  find out more.

To Purchase Toto Toilets, check out our Toto Brand Page (link to the left) where we have the Full Line of all Toto USA products. Alternatively call us at 1-888-850-3999 where you can have all your questions answered by a friendly member of our team Monday-Friday. We have many toto toilets in stock and ready to ship today.

Toto Neorest – A Tribute

I’ve been using Toto toilets in my home for years, which is why I always recommend them to my customers.  I purchased my first Toto toilet based on a friend’s recommendation.  He assured me I would be very happy with the Japanese made product.  Innovative design, precise engineering and water saving technology places Toto ahead of the competition.Toto Neorest 550

Just last Christmas I purchased a Toto Neorest 550 MS980CMG High Performance Dual Flush One-Piece Toilet (as a gift to myself).  It has made going to the bathroom a whole new experience.  The cleaning and heating features make using the toilet a pleasure.  I also really like the dual-flush technology, which saves a lot of water.  Plus, when I walk into the bathroom, the toilet automatically opens, which is really cool.  Now when I wake up in the morning I actually look forward to getting out of bed because using my Toto Neorest toilet is so awesome!

Toto Dual-Max

The Toto Dual-Max Flushing system found on select Toto Toilets is an industry leading choice for dual flush performance and conservation. Unlike many other dual flush options on the market the Toto Dual-Max flushing system doesn’t sacrifice performance for conservation. Featuring an integrated control that allows you to select your preferred amount of water usage from 0.9 GPF to 1.6 GPF. The Toto Dual-Max flush system has a two button design for high water flow flush or a low water flow flush.

Please see some popular Toto Dual-Max Flush toilet models below

Toto CST464MF#01 Aquia III Close Coupled Elongated Dual Flush Two-Piece Toilet

Toto MS624214CEFG#01 Legato One-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet

Toto CST416M#01 Aquia II Close Coupled Elongated Dual Flush Two-Piece Toilet

For a full selection please visit our Toto Dual-Max Flush page.

Toto E-Max

The Toto E-Max Flushing system on select Toto Toilets utilizing the same proven engineering as their industry leading Toto G-Max Flush system, While offering an additional 20% water savings with its 1.28 GPF. The way the Toto E-max system works is with its extra-large siphon jet  working in conjunction with its 2-1/8 trapway, which is glazed to optimize waste passage. Also featuring a pilot-operated fill valve, this ensures quiet operation and a clean shutoff at any water pressure.

Please see some popular Toto E-max Flush toilet models below


Toto CST424EFG#01 Eco Promenade Close Coupled Elongated Sanagloss Two-Piece Toilet


Toto MS864114#01 Supreme One-Piece Toilet


Toto CST744E#01 Eco Drake Close Coupled Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

For a full selection please visit our Toto E-Max Flush page.