Navien – Past and Present

Winter is here and the demand for Navien Tankless Water Heaters and Navien Combi units has never been higher.  However, as with the changing of the seasons, Navien has  updated some of their current model’s, as well as added a new product line.  Here’s what’s new:

Navien CH-210ASME

Navien CH-210ASME

In addition to the NR (residential) and NP (premium) models Navien now offers the NPE line of tankless water heaters.  The NPE models are most similar to the NP’s as they are both considered commercial units with a max water temp of 180 degrees.  The NPE’s, like  both the NP’s and NR’s, are manufactured as three separate model based on their max BTU output.  The 180, 210, and 240 models have a max BTU output of 150,000, 180,000, and 199,000 respectively for all three product lines.  The biggest difference between the NPE line and the others, besides its sleek new design, is the gas connection.  The NPE’s offer a 1/2″ gas connection with 2″ PVC piping, as opposed to a minimum 3/4″ connection and 3″ solid core PVC piping for both the NR and NP lines.  The addition of the NPE line now gives Navien more variety when it comes to installation capabilities, making it easier for consumers to find the perfect water heater for their home.

Navien NPE-240A

Navien NPE-240A

Aside from the water heaters Navien has also made big changes with their widely acclaimed combination boilers.  Similar to the water heaters the combi boilers are offered as 180, 210, and 240 models with the only real difference being the BTU output.  The 240 model used to be offered in both the regular version and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) version –  the difference being the ASME models consist of higher grade internal parts making them ASME certified and more suitable for commercial applications.  In 2012 Navien discontinued production of all their regular combi boilers and shifted their resources into manufacturing ASME models only.  All combi boilers (180, 210, and 240) are now offered only as ASME certified models.  Although the price point is slightly higher, the better grade materials ensure that the units will last longer and function properly through the entire warranty period (10 years on the hear exchanger/5 years on other parts).

When it comes to providing heat for your home (radiant and domestic) Navien remains at the top  in both innovation and design.  With their high efficiency rating and industry leading warranty the Navien units are a clear choice for anyone looking for the best.  If last year was any indication 2013 should be a “hot” one for Navien water heaters and combination boilers.





Hello all. I post this blog from my Upper East Side NYC apartment, where I’m very fortunate and grateful to have not lost any power, nor suffered any real hardship the past 4-5 days. Sadly, many of my friends and family based in NYC, Long Island, and New Jersey, cannot say the same. HomePerfect’s NYC offices have been without power the past few days. Trees have fallen and caused some damage to both my Dad and Uncle’s homes in Queens/LI, but thankfully no injuries were sustained. With that said, many people near to me are still without power, heat, gas, and other essentials. During these very trying and challenging past few days, I’ve seen and heard about countless acts of generosity and selflessness to aid the less fortunate and it’s a tribute to the heart and soul of the tri-state area, where we can endure even the toughest of times.

The staff at HomePerfect sincerely hopes that our extended family, including our team members and loyal customer base, have managed to remain safe and out of harms way during this life-changing storm.

We are planning on having shipments resume early next week and we would like to try and assist with relief efforts to the best of our abilities. Please note that we carry essential products such as SUMP PUMPS, BACKFLOW PREVENTERS, AND WATER HEATERS (natural gas, liquid propane, and electric). Some of the more popular water heater brands are AO SMITH, NAVIEN, TAKAGI, AND WEIL MCLAIN. For sump pumps, MCDONNELL & MILLER.

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