Burnham Alpine Boilers

Burnham AlpineThe Burnham Alpine boiler Series are Stainless steel, gas fired condensing water boilers. Available in a standard floor mount options as well as select models available in wall mount versions.

The Burnham Boiler Alpine Series are available for use with Liquid Propane and Natural Gas, and have a 96% efficiency rating.

Also featured with this line of Burnham Boilers is the Sage 2.1 Boiler control system, with a backlit LCD touchscreen that provides diagnostics and troubleshooting information.

The Burnham Alpine Boiler series comes in 7 different sizes with a 96% efficiency rating you will find one that will work for your use. To help understand the model you may need to order i will go further in explaining the model numbers and what they mean.

For example ALP080F-2G02, the first 6 digits of this code simply refer to the model (size) of the unit, so that is an Alpine series boiler that has a BTU input rate of 80,000 as displayed by the numbers 080. The F at the end of that number represents the install type of the model. F stands for floor mounted where as if it was a W it would be wall mounted.

So now that we have a basic understanding of what the code means leading up to the – lets go into the the last 4 digits which represent the circulator thats included with the model, as well as the elevation of use for the Burnham Boiler.

ALP080F-2G02, the first two digits after the – are for the circulator, with the Burnham Alpine series we have two different circulators that are available with the units. 2G means that the Grundfos UPS 15-58 FRC Circulator is included, where as a 2T would represent the Taco 0010 Circulator being included instead.

The last two digits of the model number Represent the elevation at which this Burnham Alpine Boiler is to be used at. Below represents the two digit code and what elevation above sea level those represent.

02 = 0 – 2000 Feet above sea level

07 = 0 – 7000 Feet above sea level

27 = 2000 – 7000 Feet above sea level

70 = 7000 – 10,000 Feet above sea level

Below are some popular models in the Burnham Alpine Series.

Burnham Alpine ALP105 83,000 BTU Condensing Wall Mount Boiler 2k ALP105W-2T02

Burnham Alpine ALP150 119,000 BTU Condensing Floor MountBoiler 2k ALP150F-2T02

Burnham Alpine ALP080 63000 BTU Condensing Wall Mount Boiler 2K ALP080W-2T02

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