Memories of Katrina

August 29, 2005. This was the day my life and all local New Orleanians’ lives were changed forever. Hurricane Katrina came barreling onshore and ripped through the levees that were built to guard our precious city. Many homes were ripped off their foundations and never found again. I was lucky to not have endured substantial damage to my home. My childhood home was an entirely different issue. It was on Lake Catherine near the Rigolets, and did not survive in its original state. I still drive by on occasion to see what is, and reflect on what was. I think the initial terror of the flooding passed after a few weeks when the water had finally fully retreated. Then we were left looking at the massive mess and trying to decide the best and right way to rebuild. I think that is one thing that is inherent to the people in New Orleans and its surrounding parishes. We live here because we love it. New Orleans becomes a part of your soul, more so than any other city I’ve ever been to. We take the bad with the good, and we know that we can always rebuild. It’s disheartening to lose precious memories, but we know that new ones can always be made. I’m so proud to be from Louisiana, and to have experienced something that brought our little part of the world so closely together. People worked to help other people, and faith in humanity was decidedly restored. Now, the anniversary of Katrina comes and goes (8 years so far) and it’s hard to look back and see what was lost. Many people lost family members, pets, and of course, priceless possessions, but we’ve shown how resilient we are. If Katrina can’t break us, I’d wager to say nothing can.

One thought on “Memories of Katrina

  1. Well, I must say that I can feel your pain. We went through the same this year with Hurricane Sandy. Still trying to recover and keep our heads high up. However still cannot get over it as yet.