Memories of Katrina

August 29, 2005. This was the day my life and all local New Orleanians’ lives were changed forever. Hurricane Katrina came barreling onshore and ripped through the levees that were built to guard our precious city. Many homes were ripped off their foundations and never found again. I was lucky to not have endured substantial damage to my home. My childhood home was an entirely different issue. It was on Lake Catherine near the Rigolets, and did not survive in its original state. I still drive by on occasion to see what is, and reflect on what was. I think the initial terror of the flooding passed after a few weeks when the water had finally fully retreated. Then we were left looking at the massive mess and trying to decide the best and right way to rebuild. I think that is one thing that is inherent to the people in New Orleans and its surrounding parishes. We live here because we love it. New Orleans becomes a part of your soul, more so than any other city I’ve ever been to. We take the bad with the good, and we know that we can always rebuild. It’s disheartening to lose precious memories, but we know that new ones can always be made. I’m so proud to be from Louisiana, and to have experienced something that brought our little part of the world so closely together. People worked to help other people, and faith in humanity was decidedly restored. Now, the anniversary of Katrina comes and goes (8 years so far) and it’s hard to look back and see what was lost. Many people lost family members, pets, and of course, priceless possessions, but we’ve shown how resilient we are. If Katrina can’t break us, I’d wager to say nothing can.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2013 Deals


Alex here, and it’s that time of the year again!

Black Friday is Friday, November 29th 2013 – The Day After Thanksgiving.
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Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately following Black Friday.  Monday December 2 2013 is Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year.  Our Phone lines will be open around the clock and the deals during our special holiday event will offer you the absolute best savings of the year!

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Napoleon Fireplace – It’s the best time to invest!

Grand, Majestic Fireplace

Photo of Napoleon BGD90PT Fireplace

It’s currently the best time of year for everyone to invest in a Napoleon fireplace. Napoleon fireplaces are not relegated to your living room any longer, they can be installed in your master bedroom, bathroom, or even outside! Napoleon offers a large variety of styles and design points to choose from, from contemporary and modern, simple yet effective, to a grand and majestic statement piece. They offer both gas and electric models, and vented and vent free versions as well. There are so many different ways to personalize your fireplace, as well, with different add-ons and upgrades.

The most important feature Napoleon fireplaces offer are an alternate means of heating. You can save money on your whole house heating bill by investing in a Napoleon fireplace to heat rooms as needed. A not so distant second benefit is the coziness and homey feeling that you get with a fireplace. Fireplaces are somewhere everyone wants to gather around, and a great investment for years of future memories.

Please give any one of our sales team members a call at 888-850-3999 to discuss adding a Napoleon fireplace to your home. I guarantee it will not disappoint!

Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam towel warmers, both extremely innovative and efficient, are truly the Rolls Royce of towel warmers, this much we have learned.   The W216 in polished chrome, which is part of Mr. Steam’s 200 Series of towel warmers, has been a fantastic addition to our new bathroom.  The unit is extremely sturdy and the top notch craftsmanship of welded steel is evident, plus it’s super quiet and efficient, running off of a standard 120v household circuit.  We have a wall model that works exceptionally well with our bathroom however you can also choose from floor and pivoting models as well.  When considering your next towel warmer, make it a Mr. Steam towel warmer!

As far as residential steam generators, the Mr Steam MS 400 steam generator is nothing short of an amazing unit.    Why not feel like you’re on vacation 365 days a year?  The Mr. Steam MS400E affords us the opportunity of having a personal spa in our in the comfort of our own home.  Having the luxury of being able to end the day with a stress-reducing, relaxing steam shower is truly amazing!  Another great Mr. Steam generator model is the Mr. Steam MS225E.  Mr. Steam also offers a large variety of matching AromaSteam heads in many finish options (polished brass, polished chrome,  polished nickel, stain nickel, oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, matte black) which evenly distribute steam and essential aroma oils, and easy to use Mr. Steam Butler packages, both square and round options available, including LED digital displays for programmable time and temperature.  Another super cool feature is their HomeWizard technology, which allows you to activate your steam generator remotely with an iPod, iPad, smart phone or desktop computer!  Also, their AutoFlush system drains the unit automatically, no activation required.  Ideal locations for the steam generators are usually heated attics or basements, vanity cabinets and closets.  What’s also fantastic about Mr. Steam is that they live up to their reputation in the industry, offering top-notch customer and technical service, as they are readily available to help with operating and installation questions.

Home Perfect is also having a limited time sale on Mr. Steam – Use Coupon Code STEAM16 for 16% Off

Toto Toilets

When i first discovered Toto Toilets I was completely in awe.  I had never seen a toilet that could use as little water as 0.9 gallons per flush yet flush so powerfully and cleanly. Toilets by Toto come in so many varieties that is literally impossible to find one that does not fit your budget or style concerns. Lets dive a little deeper into the magic.

Toto Drake IIFirst off, you must choose if you want to buy a One Piece Toto Toilet or a Two Piece Toto Toilet. The key difference is that in a one piece toilet, the tank and bowl are fused, where as in a two piece toilet the tank and bowl are separate. One Piece toilets are great because there are no crevices to clean between the tank and the bowl. Also the installation is MUCH easier. A counterpoint is that two piece toilets are easier to ship, as they do not require freight shipping, and as a result are cheaper to ship.

Toto Eco PromenadeLets talk about style now. Toto Toilets come in the three main design categories: Traditional (a more victorian and classic look), Contemporary (modern styling, smoother lines), or Transitional (the best of both worlds). A great example of a Traditional Style

Toto Aquia

Toto Toilet is the Toto Eco Promenade CST424EFG#01 two piece toilet. A wonderful contemporary or modern style toilet is the Toto Aquia Toilet.The Aquia is a dual flush wonder of modern engineering. Lastly a timeless classic in the Transitional Style Toilet category is the Toto Drake II toilet.

Toto has many Flushing Systems (we have written about them in this very blog). Toto Toilets  are renowned by all for their flushing technology. Specially designed fully glazed traps allow the toilet to use an eco friendly 1.28GPF and REALLY GET THE JOB DONE. Now I stress that point because “Eco Friendly” toilets have caught a bad stigma, shying people away from them and also injuring their pockets in the process. When you buy a toilet that is WaterSense certified you may qualify for local municipal tax credits that help offset the cost of installation or give you credits on your water bill. Contact your local municipality to  find out more.

To Purchase Toto Toilets, check out our Toto Brand Page (link to the left) where we have the Full Line of all Toto USA products. Alternatively call us at 1-888-850-3999 where you can have all your questions answered by a friendly member of our team Monday-Friday. We have many toto toilets in stock and ready to ship today.

Merry Christmas From HomePerfect

Its the most wonderful time of the year. Family Togetherness, great meals, great times for all. Now that we are moving into the new year, maybe it is time to consider the next big project in your home. Home Perfect is always here to give you the lowest prices and top notch service on brands for your lighting, kitchen, bathroom, and heating, cooling, and ventilation. From our family to yours MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Braving the Storm

With Hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc – it’s times like this where we stop to think about the simple things in life; family, friends, and your home!

Where was I when the lights went out?  Indoors, safe & sound in beautiful and scenic Williamsburg Brooklyn.  I was working late the day of the storm but rode my bike back before they closed the bridges.  Thank God – I would have had to do something silly like sleep in the Home Perfect office.

branches that fell on my house from Hurricane Sandy

I have a backyard with trees in it – some of the branches fell down but nothing a little trimming and tender loving care couldn’t fix.  My basement had a bit of flooding, and during something like this I really should have had a sump pump like the Zoeller M57 or the Zoeller M98 Flow-Mate Automatic Cast Iron Effluent Sump Pump 98-0001

I’d be a lot happier if I didn’t have to scoop all the water outta here – shoulda bought a sump pump

When water lines flood another good idea that a friend of mine suggested is the Petrometer Leak-Guardian system.

Petrometer Leak-Guardian System 2500-100i

The Leak-Guardian is really cool because it uses special sensors that shut off the water lines when they detect a flood – you can really prevent flooding your home – and the potential damage of all of your possessions with a Leak Guardian.

Home Perfect office power will be restored on saturday.  My friends in Lower Manhattan that lost power have been laying low at my place in the meantime – sometimes you gotta lend a helping hand.  But like a good neighbor, Home Perfect is here to help.  Give a sales expert a call today at 1-888-850-3999 to place your order for anything you need.


Hello all. I post this blog from my Upper East Side NYC apartment, where I’m very fortunate and grateful to have not lost any power, nor suffered any real hardship the past 4-5 days. Sadly, many of my friends and family based in NYC, Long Island, and New Jersey, cannot say the same. HomePerfect’s NYC offices have been without power the past few days. Trees have fallen and caused some damage to both my Dad and Uncle’s homes in Queens/LI, but thankfully no injuries were sustained. With that said, many people near to me are still without power, heat, gas, and other essentials. During these very trying and challenging past few days, I’ve seen and heard about countless acts of generosity and selflessness to aid the less fortunate and it’s a tribute to the heart and soul of the tri-state area, where we can endure even the toughest of times.

The staff at HomePerfect sincerely hopes that our extended family, including our team members and loyal customer base, have managed to remain safe and out of harms way during this life-changing storm.

We are planning on having shipments resume early next week and we would like to try and assist with relief efforts to the best of our abilities. Please note that we carry essential products such as SUMP PUMPS, BACKFLOW PREVENTERS, AND WATER HEATERS (natural gas, liquid propane, and electric). Some of the more popular water heater brands are AO SMITH, NAVIEN, TAKAGI, AND WEIL MCLAIN. For sump pumps, MCDONNELL & MILLER.

The HomePerfect family wishes everyone, especially our local neighbors here in the NY/NJ area, a speedy and relatively easy journey in getting back to their normal routines and being able to manage the process of repairing your homes and making them as PERFECT as before.

Please call our toll free # at 888 850-3999 for assistance/product guidance.

Stay warm and safe!

David Schlesinger

Toto G-Max

The Toto G-Max flush system found on select Toto Toilets is the industry benchmark for flushing performance. Why the Toto G-max flush system works so well is because it has an extra-wide 3 inch flush valve combined with a 2-1/8 Inch glazed trapway. With those two features this enables the Toto G-max flushing system to draw water into the bowl faster and out more forcefully to keep what you flush down.

Please see some popular Toto G-max Flush toilet models below.

Toto CST424SFG#01 Promenade Close Coupled Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

Toto CST744S#01 Drake Close Coupled Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

Toto MS854114SL#01 Ultramax One-Piece Elongated Toilet

For a full selection please visit our Toto G-Max Flush page.