Brizo Faucets I am in Love with You

You know that feeling you get when you see something amazing for the first time? That wonder and amazement? That is how I felt the first time I picked up a Brizo catalog.  There are SO many collections to suit all design preferences whether contemporary, traditional or transitional.

Brizo Talo Stainless SteelWhen looking at Brizo Faucets, the first faucet that comes to mind is the Brizo Talo single handle kitchen faucet. This amazing floral inspired design is a striking centerpiece to your sink area. Avalable with Brizo’s Smart Touch® technology, you may set the temperature and flow before hand and then simply turn it on with a light touch to the faucet from your wrist, forearm.  This is a revolutionary feature because it allows you to turn on the faucet without getting it dirty or creating unsanitary conditions.  The part number for this amazing faucet is 64003LF an it comes in five different finishes: Chrome, Stainless, Venetian Bronze, Brilliance Brushed Bronze, and Brilliance Polished Nickel.

So I bought my Brizo Faucet (in Stainless Steel) and paired it with an Elkay Sink. The sink i bought was an Elkay EFU221510 zero radius single bowl sink. I wish I was lying when I say that I kissed my granite countertop when the job was done. The combination was stunning.  I could not be happier with my kitchen after this renovation.

Dornbracht Tara – The Finest Faucets

German design and manufacturing is what makes Dornbracht faucets superior to the status quo.  When I tell my customers that Dornbracht is the Mercedes Benz of faucets, I truly mean it.  Internationally renowned and award winning, Dornbracht is sure to bring class and style to any kitchen or bathroom.

Featured in luxury hotels such as The Grand Hyatt in Tokyo or the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, Dornbracht is simply the best of the best.  All of their products are amazing, but my favorite line is the Dornbracht Tara collection.  This minimalist yet modern design set the standard for kitchen faucets in the 1990s.  To this day, this Dornbracht Tara is one of the most popular faucets on the market.

Delta Touch Faucets – Touch2o Technology Turns Faucet On & Off

A Delta Touch Faucet is a fantastic innovation for your kitchen.  Delta Touch2o Faucets bring water with the ease of a simple touch.  Here are a few we love!

“At Delta® faucet, we believe there are better ways to experience water. This conviction goes beyond design to incorporate smart thinking that anticipates people’s needs.”

Delta Faucets has certainly lived up to that line. They have always been one of the major faucet & shower brands when its come to Kitchen Faucets and Bath Faucets products. Now Delta has changed the game and introduced a new way of “experiencing water” with its Touch2O Technology.

Turn on a Kitchen Faucet or Bathroom Faucet  with just a simple touch anywhere on the handle or spout. Don’t you hate when your hands are dirty – why bring your handle or knobs into the mess?! Just touch the spout or handle. You control water temperature and flow with the handle. Touch2o faucets even remember the temperature you like!  Once you turn it on the temperature of the water is the same as the last time you used it.  Delta Touch Faucets do use batteries so make sure you always have an extra pair ready because you’re going to find yourself just touching your faucet repeatedly because of how cool it is. I do it every day.  ;)

Let me elaborate further – I’m a huge foodie and I love to cook.   when I’m in the kitchen I either have my hands covered in sauce or some type of mix.   Its crazy how nobody has been able to invent something like this until now.  Something a lot of people do on a regular basis, which is why these have soared immensely in popularity. I give Delta Faucet Company’s new Touch2O Technology Two ( clean ) Thumbs Up!

We here at Homeperfect are always making sure our customers get the latest and greatest. So of course we have Delta’s entire Touch2O product line at the lowest prices possible. Here are the ones that get my vote:


- Julio