Navien – Past and Present

Winter is here and the demand for Navien Tankless Water Heaters and Navien Combi units has never been higher.  However, as with the changing of the seasons, Navien has  updated some of their current model’s, as well as added a new product line.  Here’s what’s new:

Navien CH-210ASME

Navien CH-210ASME

In addition to the NR (residential) and NP (premium) models Navien now offers the NPE line of tankless water heaters.  The NPE models are most similar to the NP’s as they are both considered commercial units with a max water temp of 180 degrees.  The NPE’s, like  both the NP’s and NR’s, are manufactured as three separate model based on their max BTU output.  The 180, 210, and 240 models have a max BTU output of 150,000, 180,000, and 199,000 respectively for all three product lines.  The biggest difference between the NPE line and the others, besides its sleek new design, is the gas connection.  The NPE’s offer a 1/2″ gas connection with 2″ PVC piping, as opposed to a minimum 3/4″ connection and 3″ solid core PVC piping for both the NR and NP lines.  The addition of the NPE line now gives Navien more variety when it comes to installation capabilities, making it easier for consumers to find the perfect water heater for their home.

Navien NPE-240A

Navien NPE-240A

Aside from the water heaters Navien has also made big changes with their widely acclaimed combination boilers.  Similar to the water heaters the combi boilers are offered as 180, 210, and 240 models with the only real difference being the BTU output.  The 240 model used to be offered in both the regular version and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) version –  the difference being the ASME models consist of higher grade internal parts making them ASME certified and more suitable for commercial applications.  In 2012 Navien discontinued production of all their regular combi boilers and shifted their resources into manufacturing ASME models only.  All combi boilers (180, 210, and 240) are now offered only as ASME certified models.  Although the price point is slightly higher, the better grade materials ensure that the units will last longer and function properly through the entire warranty period (10 years on the hear exchanger/5 years on other parts).

When it comes to providing heat for your home (radiant and domestic) Navien remains at the top  in both innovation and design.  With their high efficiency rating and industry leading warranty the Navien units are a clear choice for anyone looking for the best.  If last year was any indication 2013 should be a “hot” one for Navien water heaters and combination boilers.




Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam towel warmers, both extremely innovative and efficient, are truly the Rolls Royce of towel warmers, this much we have learned.   The W216 in polished chrome, which is part of Mr. Steam’s 200 Series of towel warmers, has been a fantastic addition to our new bathroom.  The unit is extremely sturdy and the top notch craftsmanship of welded steel is evident, plus it’s super quiet and efficient, running off of a standard 120v household circuit.  We have a wall model that works exceptionally well with our bathroom however you can also choose from floor and pivoting models as well.  When considering your next towel warmer, make it a Mr. Steam towel warmer!

As far as residential steam generators, the Mr Steam MS 400 steam generator is nothing short of an amazing unit.    Why not feel like you’re on vacation 365 days a year?  The Mr. Steam MS400E affords us the opportunity of having a personal spa in our in the comfort of our own home.  Having the luxury of being able to end the day with a stress-reducing, relaxing steam shower is truly amazing!  Another great Mr. Steam generator model is the Mr. Steam MS225E.  Mr. Steam also offers a large variety of matching AromaSteam heads in many finish options (polished brass, polished chrome,  polished nickel, stain nickel, oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, matte black) which evenly distribute steam and essential aroma oils, and easy to use Mr. Steam Butler packages, both square and round options available, including LED digital displays for programmable time and temperature.  Another super cool feature is their HomeWizard technology, which allows you to activate your steam generator remotely with an iPod, iPad, smart phone or desktop computer!  Also, their AutoFlush system drains the unit automatically, no activation required.  Ideal locations for the steam generators are usually heated attics or basements, vanity cabinets and closets.  What’s also fantastic about Mr. Steam is that they live up to their reputation in the industry, offering top-notch customer and technical service, as they are readily available to help with operating and installation questions.

Home Perfect is also having a limited time sale on Mr. Steam – Use Coupon Code STEAM16 for 16% Off

Toto Toilets

When i first discovered Toto Toilets I was completely in awe.  I had never seen a toilet that could use as little water as 0.9 gallons per flush yet flush so powerfully and cleanly. Toilets by Toto come in so many varieties that is literally impossible to find one that does not fit your budget or style concerns. Lets dive a little deeper into the magic.

Toto Drake IIFirst off, you must choose if you want to buy a One Piece Toto Toilet or a Two Piece Toto Toilet. The key difference is that in a one piece toilet, the tank and bowl are fused, where as in a two piece toilet the tank and bowl are separate. One Piece toilets are great because there are no crevices to clean between the tank and the bowl. Also the installation is MUCH easier. A counterpoint is that two piece toilets are easier to ship, as they do not require freight shipping, and as a result are cheaper to ship.

Toto Eco PromenadeLets talk about style now. Toto Toilets come in the three main design categories: Traditional (a more victorian and classic look), Contemporary (modern styling, smoother lines), or Transitional (the best of both worlds). A great example of a Traditional Style

Toto Aquia

Toto Toilet is the Toto Eco Promenade CST424EFG#01 two piece toilet. A wonderful contemporary or modern style toilet is the Toto Aquia Toilet.The Aquia is a dual flush wonder of modern engineering. Lastly a timeless classic in the Transitional Style Toilet category is the Toto Drake II toilet.

Toto has many Flushing Systems (we have written about them in this very blog). Toto Toilets  are renowned by all for their flushing technology. Specially designed fully glazed traps allow the toilet to use an eco friendly 1.28GPF and REALLY GET THE JOB DONE. Now I stress that point because “Eco Friendly” toilets have caught a bad stigma, shying people away from them and also injuring their pockets in the process. When you buy a toilet that is WaterSense certified you may qualify for local municipal tax credits that help offset the cost of installation or give you credits on your water bill. Contact your local municipality to  find out more.

To Purchase Toto Toilets, check out our Toto Brand Page (link to the left) where we have the Full Line of all Toto USA products. Alternatively call us at 1-888-850-3999 where you can have all your questions answered by a friendly member of our team Monday-Friday. We have many toto toilets in stock and ready to ship today.

Brizo Faucets I am in Love with You

You know that feeling you get when you see something amazing for the first time? That wonder and amazement? That is how I felt the first time I picked up a Brizo catalog.  There are SO many collections to suit all design preferences whether contemporary, traditional or transitional.

Brizo Talo Stainless SteelWhen looking at Brizo Faucets, the first faucet that comes to mind is the Brizo Talo single handle kitchen faucet. This amazing floral inspired design is a striking centerpiece to your sink area. Avalable with Brizo’s Smart Touch® technology, you may set the temperature and flow before hand and then simply turn it on with a light touch to the faucet from your wrist, forearm.  This is a revolutionary feature because it allows you to turn on the faucet without getting it dirty or creating unsanitary conditions.  The part number for this amazing faucet is 64003LF an it comes in five different finishes: Chrome, Stainless, Venetian Bronze, Brilliance Brushed Bronze, and Brilliance Polished Nickel.

So I bought my Brizo Faucet (in Stainless Steel) and paired it with an Elkay Sink. The sink i bought was an Elkay EFU221510 zero radius single bowl sink. I wish I was lying when I say that I kissed my granite countertop when the job was done. The combination was stunning.  I could not be happier with my kitchen after this renovation.

Toto Neorest – A Tribute

I’ve been using Toto toilets in my home for years, which is why I always recommend them to my customers.  I purchased my first Toto toilet based on a friend’s recommendation.  He assured me I would be very happy with the Japanese made product.  Innovative design, precise engineering and water saving technology places Toto ahead of the competition.Toto Neorest 550

Just last Christmas I purchased a Toto Neorest 550 MS980CMG High Performance Dual Flush One-Piece Toilet (as a gift to myself).  It has made going to the bathroom a whole new experience.  The cleaning and heating features make using the toilet a pleasure.  I also really like the dual-flush technology, which saves a lot of water.  Plus, when I walk into the bathroom, the toilet automatically opens, which is really cool.  Now when I wake up in the morning I actually look forward to getting out of bed because using my Toto Neorest toilet is so awesome!

Sandy Times

Lower Manhattan During Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the most devastating storm to ever hit the NY region.  As a result, thousands if not millions of people are still without power and many have lost their homes.  I’m fortunate enough to have emerged relatively unscathed.  I hope that you and your loved ones were not affected negatively by this terrible storm.  At Home Perfect, we’re here to help you through the relief period. Should you need a Sump Pump, water heater or anything else that can make life more convenient at a time like this, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  If you lost power and have a flooded basement,  I would recommend ordering:

Zoeller 503 Home Guard Backup Pump 503-0005

We also have a wide variety of water heaters in stock if your current heater has failed and are without hot water.  While disasters like Sandy are tragic, it’s times like these that people pull together and are at their best.  We embody this principle at Home Perfect and wish to let you know that we are here for you if you need us.  Thank you for your continued business.

Burnham Alpine Boilers

Burnham AlpineThe Burnham Alpine boiler Series are Stainless steel, gas fired condensing water boilers. Available in a standard floor mount options as well as select models available in wall mount versions.

The Burnham Boiler Alpine Series are available for use with Liquid Propane and Natural Gas, and have a 96% efficiency rating.

Also featured with this line of Burnham Boilers is the Sage 2.1 Boiler control system, with a backlit LCD touchscreen that provides diagnostics and troubleshooting information.

The Burnham Alpine Boiler series comes in 7 different sizes with a 96% efficiency rating you will find one that will work for your use. To help understand the model you may need to order i will go further in explaining the model numbers and what they mean.

For example ALP080F-2G02, the first 6 digits of this code simply refer to the model (size) of the unit, so that is an Alpine series boiler that has a BTU input rate of 80,000 as displayed by the numbers 080. The F at the end of that number represents the install type of the model. F stands for floor mounted where as if it was a W it would be wall mounted.

So now that we have a basic understanding of what the code means leading up to the – lets go into the the last 4 digits which represent the circulator thats included with the model, as well as the elevation of use for the Burnham Boiler.

ALP080F-2G02, the first two digits after the – are for the circulator, with the Burnham Alpine series we have two different circulators that are available with the units. 2G means that the Grundfos UPS 15-58 FRC Circulator is included, where as a 2T would represent the Taco 0010 Circulator being included instead.

The last two digits of the model number Represent the elevation at which this Burnham Alpine Boiler is to be used at. Below represents the two digit code and what elevation above sea level those represent.

02 = 0 – 2000 Feet above sea level

07 = 0 – 7000 Feet above sea level

27 = 2000 – 7000 Feet above sea level

70 = 7000 – 10,000 Feet above sea level

Below are some popular models in the Burnham Alpine Series.

Burnham Alpine ALP105 83,000 BTU Condensing Wall Mount Boiler 2k ALP105W-2T02

Burnham Alpine ALP150 119,000 BTU Condensing Floor MountBoiler 2k ALP150F-2T02

Burnham Alpine ALP080 63000 BTU Condensing Wall Mount Boiler 2K ALP080W-2T02

For a full selection please browse the Burnham Alpine Boilers page

Toto E-Max

The Toto E-Max Flushing system on select Toto Toilets utilizing the same proven engineering as their industry leading Toto G-Max Flush system, While offering an additional 20% water savings with its 1.28 GPF. The way the Toto E-max system works is with its extra-large siphon jet  working in conjunction with its 2-1/8 trapway, which is glazed to optimize waste passage. Also featuring a pilot-operated fill valve, this ensures quiet operation and a clean shutoff at any water pressure.

Please see some popular Toto E-max Flush toilet models below


Toto CST424EFG#01 Eco Promenade Close Coupled Elongated Sanagloss Two-Piece Toilet


Toto MS864114#01 Supreme One-Piece Toilet


Toto CST744E#01 Eco Drake Close Coupled Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

For a full selection please visit our Toto E-Max Flush page.