Braving the Storm

With Hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc – it’s times like this where we stop to think about the simple things in life; family, friends, and your home!

Where was I when the lights went out?  Indoors, safe & sound in beautiful and scenic Williamsburg Brooklyn.  I was working late the day of the storm but rode my bike back before they closed the bridges.  Thank God – I would have had to do something silly like sleep in the Home Perfect office.

branches that fell on my house from Hurricane Sandy

I have a backyard with trees in it – some of the branches fell down but nothing a little trimming and tender loving care couldn’t fix.  My basement had a bit of flooding, and during something like this I really should have had a sump pump like the Zoeller M57 or the Zoeller M98 Flow-Mate Automatic Cast Iron Effluent Sump Pump 98-0001

I’d be a lot happier if I didn’t have to scoop all the water outta here – shoulda bought a sump pump

When water lines flood another good idea that a friend of mine suggested is the Petrometer Leak-Guardian system.

Petrometer Leak-Guardian System 2500-100i

The Leak-Guardian is really cool because it uses special sensors that shut off the water lines when they detect a flood – you can really prevent flooding your home – and the potential damage of all of your possessions with a Leak Guardian.

Home Perfect office power will be restored on saturday.  My friends in Lower Manhattan that lost power have been laying low at my place in the meantime – sometimes you gotta lend a helping hand.  But like a good neighbor, Home Perfect is here to help.  Give a sales expert a call today at 1-888-850-3999 to place your order for anything you need.

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