Toto Neorest – A Tribute

I’ve been using Toto toilets in my home for years, which is why I always recommend them to my customers.  I purchased my first Toto toilet based on a friend’s recommendation.  He assured me I would be very happy with the Japanese made product.  Innovative design, precise engineering and water saving technology places Toto ahead of the competition.Toto Neorest 550

Just last Christmas I purchased a Toto Neorest 550 MS980CMG High Performance Dual Flush One-Piece Toilet (as a gift to myself).  It has made going to the bathroom a whole new experience.  The cleaning and heating features make using the toilet a pleasure.  I also really like the dual-flush technology, which saves a lot of water.  Plus, when I walk into the bathroom, the toilet automatically opens, which is really cool.  Now when I wake up in the morning I actually look forward to getting out of bed because using my Toto Neorest toilet is so awesome!

Dornbracht Tara – The Finest Faucets

German design and manufacturing is what makes Dornbracht faucets superior to the status quo.  When I tell my customers that Dornbracht is the Mercedes Benz of faucets, I truly mean it.  Internationally renowned and award winning, Dornbracht is sure to bring class and style to any kitchen or bathroom.

Featured in luxury hotels such as The Grand Hyatt in Tokyo or the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, Dornbracht is simply the best of the best.  All of their products are amazing, but my favorite line is the Dornbracht Tara collection.  This minimalist yet modern design set the standard for kitchen faucets in the 1990s.  To this day, this Dornbracht Tara is one of the most popular faucets on the market.